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Oracle XE from the Dockerhub

To run

docker build . -t oraclexe
docker run -d -p 49160:22 -p 1521:1521 -e ORACLE_ALLOW_REMOTE=true oraclexe

To connect remotely by SQL*Plus you need to

  1. Download: :

  2. Unzip

  3. Configure PATH for LD LIBRARY: ` export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${PWD}:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} `

  4. Run ` ./sqlplus system/oracle@localhost:1521/XE `

Check XA transactions

-- what are currently in-doubt transactions at Oracle side
select * from DBA_2PC_PENDING;

-- connect as system/oracle
rollback force '5.19.150115';
execute dbms_transaction.purge_lost_db_entry('5.19.150115');
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