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Oct 02, 2012

  1. ochaloup

    Adding headers to have possiblity to reload

  2. ochaloup

    Upgrading ssl realm setup

  3. ochaloup

    Hacking pom

  4. ochaloup

    Some testing - reload is not possible

  5. ochaloup

    Adding generics parameter for not getting warnings

  6. ochaloup

    Saving changes for be able to continue next time

  7. ochaloup

    Changes of ejb test

  8. ochaloup

    Test on remote ejb client connected with ssl

  9. ochaloup

    EJBClientContextSelector class added


Oct 01, 2012

  1. Rio

    removing synchronization on this - using external lock instead

    ropalka authored stuartwdouglas committed
  2. Rio

    [JBWS-3550] refactoring JAXWS POJO invocation process to reuse AS7 co…

    …mponent instances
    ropalka authored stuartwdouglas committed
  3. Philippe Marschall

    AS7-5584 Naming context read-only during SAR deployment

    During the #start() #stop() method of a legacy SAR the naming context
    is read only. The problem seems to be that only
    sets the thread context class loader and does not do
     - change AbstractService#invokeLifecycleMethod to take an additional
        LifecycleContext argument
      - update CreateDestroyService to pass the context
      - update StartStopService to pass the context
    marschall authored stuartwdouglas committed
  4. AS7-5607 DataSourceEnable does not handle rollback

    Stefano Maestri authored stuartwdouglas committed
  5. AS7-5616 CLI deployment archive problem containing jdbc driver and da…

    Stefano Maestri authored stuartwdouglas committed
  6. AS7-5609 RaRemove does not handle rollback AS7-5608 RaActivate does n…

    …ot handle rollback
    Stefano Maestri authored stuartwdouglas committed
  7. chengfang

    JBCTS-1252 PostConstruct not invoked from Client if defined using dep…

    …loyment descriptor
    chengfang authored stuartwdouglas committed
  8.  Brian Stansberry

    Don't aggressively reject expressions in resource transformation for

    hosts running versions that cannot notify the master of ignored resources
    at registration time.
    bstansberry authored
  9. Emanuel Muckenhuber

    fix tests using the expr rejection transformer

    emuckenhuber authored bstansberry committed
  10. Emanuel Muckenhuber

    fix server-result transformation

    emuckenhuber authored bstansberry committed
  11. Emanuel Muckenhuber

    introduce domain rejection policy for transformers

    emuckenhuber authored bstansberry committed
  12.  Brian Stansberry

    AS7-5576 Add unit tests of HostInfo

    bstansberry authored
  13.  Brian Stansberry

    AS7-5576 Fix HostInfo problems

    bstansberry authored
  14.  Brian Stansberry

    Improve unit testing around Version by assigning a default version wh…

    …en the manifest is unconfigured
    bstansberry authored
  15.  Brian Stansberry

    AS7-5576 Provide ignored-resource data to the master at registration

    bstansberry authored
  16. Chris Laprun

    AS7-5369 Updated to reflect actual permitted parameter content.

    metacosm authored bstansberry committed
  17. Tomaz Cerar

    AS7-5112 - log if deprecated attributes are used

    ctomc authored bstansberry committed
  18. Rio

    upgrade to JBossWS 4.1.0.CR1

    ropalka authored bstansberry committed
  19. ochaloup

    JBPAPP-10054: LookUpTestCase will be run on basic integration full pr…

    authored bstansberry committed
  20. Tomaz Cerar

    Ignoring tests that always fails on windows AS7-5350

    ctomc authored bstansberry committed
  21. Jaikiran

    AS7-5125 Allow empty string to be set for default-distinct-name via m…

    …anagement model of EJB3 subsystem
    jaikiran authored bstansberry committed
  22. Jaikiran

    AS7-5512 Don't swallow the XML parsing exception while creating a Dep…

    jaikiran authored bstansberry committed
  23. Simone Gotti

    [AS7-5644] Use a ConcurrentHashMap for AdminObject and ConnectionDefi…

    …nition configProperties to handle concurrent adds.
    sgotti authored bstansberry committed
  24. Jeff Mesnil

    compare default value for attr or operation param

    jmesnil authored bstansberry committed
  25. Jeff Mesnil

    [AS7-5417] fix messaging paths

    * fix PATH attribute definitions for the 4 messaging path subresources
      * add default value for each messaging path (+ fix typo in the LocalDescriptions)
    * use this PATH attribute to resolve the model and marshall it in XML
    * fix the removal of messaging path service when the HornetQ server
      resource is removed (the default value was used instead of the
      resource name)
    jmesnil authored bstansberry committed
  26. Jeff Mesnil

    [AS7-5417] fix messaing paths

    * move RELATIVE_TO attribute to MessagingPathHandlers and fix its
      definition (default value + restart all services flag)
    * use the attribute to resolve its value and marshall it as an XML
    jmesnil authored bstansberry committed
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