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What's that?

Simply package enigmail hard work on providing IPC feature in mozilla platform. So we are able to launch child proccesses from javascript, and in our case, from addon-sdk libraries :)

Sample of code:

const subprocess = require("subprocess");
var p ={
  command:     'echo',
  // Print stdin and our env variable
  arguments:   ['$@', '$ENV_TEST'],
  environment: ['ENV_TEST=OK'],
  stdin: subprocess.WritablePipe(function() {
  stdout: subprocess.ReadablePipe(function(data) {
    // data should be equal to: "stdin OK"
  stderr: subprocess.ReadablePipe(function(data) {
  onFinished: subprocess.Terminate(function() {
  mergeStderr: false


All enigmail team working on IPC component.
Patrick Brunschwig (author of almost all code) ,
Ramalingam Saravanan (from enigmail team)