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A Git annex repository of academic papers. The intention here is to both provide myself with backups and easy access to papers, while also collecting a repository of links so that people can always find the paper they are looking for.

Using this

To use this repository you need to have Git and Git Annex installed. Then:

git clone git://
cd papers
git config remote.origin.annex-readonly true
git config all
git annex init local-copy
git annex get .

This will download all of the papers I have. You can of course just selectively git annex get the papers that interest you.

To stay up to date, just run

git annex sync origin

Alternatively, if you are running the git annex assistant, click on the top right, choose add another local repository and select the directory you cloned the repo into. It will then be automatically kept up to date by the assistant

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