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Rerun previous test suite runs to run only failing tests
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Often when we are building large projects in Haskell we only change a small part of the system at a time. With tasty, you get the ability to specify patterns, which let you filter the test tree down to a smaller size. However, this is a manual process, and it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

tasty-rerun allows you to run your tests using a normal tasty Ingredient, but also filtering the test tree based on previous runs. tasty-rerun gives you the option to:

  • Run tests that failed or threw exceptions in the last test run
  • Run tests that have been added since the last saved test run
  • Run tests that passed in the last test run

tasty-rerun works by watching the result of a test run and saving a state file (if you ask it to). Future test runs can use this log file to determine what subtree(s) to execute.

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