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25-08-2011: 2.0.5
fix: Lsyncd will now terminate if it inotify watching exceeds
its preset limit.
fix: rsync error exit code 12 now results in retries.
fix: Lsyncd 2.0.5 should now compile better on a bit elder
GNU/Linux versions.
fix: examples are now installed in the configured document directory.
fix: partial transfers during startup are considered ok. Lsyncd will
rework the specified files anyway.
change: Layer 1 interface init() now receives an "Init" event instead
of an inlet.
change: builtin Lua code is now loaded via a c-array.
Now more portable and correct memory flags are set.
change: Lsyncd will now bail on unknown error codes.
enhancement: settings.maxProcesses can now be set as a global limit
of childprocesses
enhancement: Lsyncd will refuse to start when any startup rsync
does not work cleanly and returns "again" unless settings.insist or
--insist is specified, then Lsyncd will keep retrying until it works.
enhancement: option "rsyncBinary" determines which rsync Lsyncd calls.
Default is "/usr/bin/rsync"
enhancement: fsevents ("inotify for OSX") fixed for Snowleopard.
and is available to configure by default.
enhancement: settings.inotifyMode: the actualy Modification event
Lsyncd reacts to can now be configured. Default is to react on
file closing in write mode.
enhancement: readdir(path) is available to userscripts, reads the contents
of a directory.
27-03-2011: 2.0.4
enhancement: new setting options logident, logfacility
fix: moving filenames with spaces through ssh
fix: excludes containing chars % $ ( ) . [ ] + -
fix: various typos
change: api, settings.statusInterval instead of settings.statusIntervall
25-02-2011: 2.0.3
enhancement: new default target --direct using /bin/ binaries
to keep to local dirs in sync (and by default
not preserving ownership)
example: added a new example how to remotely execute a command
after each rsync operations
fix: possible crash with long rsyncOps table exceeding lua stack.
fix: excludes now properly match relative and absolute paths
fix: call to nil function when manually adding blanket delays
fix: on ReiserFS not delivering proper dir stats and when encountering
a symlink, aquire the node stat for the symlink instead from
the linked node.
change: leave lua apichecking enabled by default.
20-01-2011: 2.0.2
fix: exclude rules not terminated with '/' now match a file
or dir named exactly the same not starting with.
fix: pass exclude rules to the startup sync
fix: when matching exclusion to not add inotify use same
partial path than on syncs
fix: properly close pipes that needed more than one write.
11-01-2011: 2.0.1
fix: write pidfile after daemonize()
fix: fixed weak tables that allowed garbage collector to collect
event lists too eraly.
improvement: allow multiple arguments as table for rsyncOps
change: added OSX fsevents interface, disabled in autoconf by default
since still very experimental and limited to OSX 10.5 only.
02-12-2010: 2.0.0
a complete recoding!
change: format of command line arguments changed completly.
improvement: the config files format is not LUA instead of XML
allowing a range from easy configuration up until
complete scripts
enhancement: difference actions on different kind of events
effents are combined logically.
enhancement: allow moves to moved on the target (rsyncssh)
enhancement: excludes now allow simple file patterns (?, * and **)
enhancement: optionally there is now a statusfile
improvement: multiple target queues do not interfer with each other
improvement: Lsyncd2 will no longer wait for child processes to return
the monitor queue is constantly empties as long Lsyncd runs
improvement: Lsyncd2 can now retry operations on network failure and
queue events up.
improvement: There are now several debugging categories that can be
turned on individually.
change: manpage is now written in asciidoc
change: most more complex logic of Lsyncd is now written in Lua.
04-10-2010: 1.39
enhancement: call action for multiple targets simultanously
fix: correctly accept <file-filter/> from config xml
fix: correctly close and free the inotify file descriptor in case of restart
due to HUP signal or OVERFLOW condition
fix: when delay=0 a bug always called rsync file filter even when in
directory mode
01-09-2010: 1.38
enhancement: implemented file filters for singular operations
enhancement: added --singular parameter for single file calls
fix: fixed --dryrun messages
improvement: now restarts on an inotify OVERFLOW message, just like if
being kill -HUPed
internal: printout the actual binary called when --debug specified
05-08-2010: 1.37
enhancement: react on HUP signals (interpreted as complete restart)
enhancement: inotifies are configureable
enhancement: --no-startup skips the startup calls
fix : fixed delayed blocking handling.
improvement: made logging output better readable
internal: made all global variables local
internal: renamed "tackles" to "delays"
internal: removed the need of the "tosync" stack
internal: use more pointers instead of indexes
11-07-2010: 1.34
fix: logging segfault on 64bit systems
changed: man page location, spellings
05-06-2010: 1.33
fix: exlude file argument passing to rsync
fix: allow exlude files specified for individual sources
fix/enhancement: exlusions will be compared with extended
path files allowing sub dirs to be excluded.
enhancement: allow delays and call aggregation
05-01-2009: Release of lsyncd 1.26
fix: segfault on multitargets
changed meaning of "version" tag in lsyncd.conf.xml
14-12-2008: Release of lsyncd 1.25
fix: mv dir and cp -r working
fix: working with reiserfs
enhancement: config files
enhancement: multiple targets
enhancement: pidfiles
optimized: memory usage
improved documentation
lots of smaller stuff here and there ...
Thanks to all contributers!
05-12-2007: Release of lsyncd 1.0