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Comicbook converter/manager
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Comicbook converter/manager

This software is in development phase, current version is VERY BETA. Use at your own risks... I will update this readme file when stabilization will occur.

requirements :

Linux (only tested under Ubutu 18.4 LTS AMD64) : Lazarus 2.0

unzip : 	sudo apt install unzip
unrar: 		sudo apt install unrar
7z : 		sudo apt install p7zip-full
cwebp : 	sudo apt install webp
libwebp : 	sudo apt install libwebp-dev

Max OsX (use HomeBrew): Lazarus 2.0

unzip : 	brew install unzip
unrar: 		brew install unrar
7z : 		brew install p7zip-full
dwebp : 	brew install webp
libwebp : 	brew install libwebp-dev (currently not used because Lazarus creates 32bit apps and lib is 64bit)

If you want to collaborate, do not hesitate to contact me.

Windows version available at :

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