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oclif CLI

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🗒 Description

This is the oclif CLI for the Open CLI Framework, that supports the development of oclif plugins and CLIs.

See the docs for more information.

🚀 Getting Started Tutorial

The Getting Started tutorial is a step-by-step guide to introduce you to oclif. If you have not developed anything in a command line before, this tutorial is a great place to get started.

See Usage below for an overview of the oclif CLI.

📌 Requirements

Currently, Node 18+ is supported. We support the LTS versions of Node. You can add the node package to your CLI to ensure users are running a specific version of Node.

📌 Migrating from V1

If you have been using version 1 of the oclif CLI there are some important differences to note when using the latest version.

Breaking Changes

  • oclif multi, oclif plugin, and oclif single have all been removed in favor of oclif generate, which generates an oclif based CLI using the hello-world example repo.
    • The reason is that there's not enough of a meaningful difference between a "multi command cli", a "single command cli", and a "plugin" to justify the maintenance cost. The generated CLI can be easily used for any of those use cases.
  • oclif hook is now oclif generate:hook
  • oclif command is now oclif generate:command

New Commands

Version 2 now includes all the commands from the oclif-dev CLI. This means that you can now use a single CLI for all your oclif needs. These commands include:

  • oclif manifest
  • oclif pack
  • oclif pack:deb
  • oclif pack:macos
  • oclif pack:win
  • oclif upload (formerly known as oclif-dev publish)
  • oclif upload:deb (formerly known as oclif-dev publish:deb)
  • oclif upload:macos (formerly known as oclif-dev publish:macos)
  • oclif upload:win (formerly known as oclif-dev publish:win)
  • oclif readme

🏗 Usage

Creating a CLI:

$ npx oclif generate mynewcli
? npm package name (mynewcli): mynewcli
$ cd mynewcli
$ ./bin/run.js --version
mynewcli/0.0.0 darwin-x64 node-v9.5.0
$ ./bin/run.js --help
  $ mynewcli [COMMAND]

  help   display help for mynewcli

$ ./bin/run.js hello world
hello world! (./src/commands/hello/world.ts)

📚 Examples

🔨 Commands

Command Topics

🚀 Contributing

See the contributing guide.

🏭 Related Repositories

  • @oclif/core - Base library for oclif. This can be used directly without the generator.
  • @oclif/test - Test helper for oclif.

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