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warns if there is a newer version of CLI released

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What is this?

This plugin shows a warning message if a user is running an out of date CLI.


How it works

This checks the version against the npm registry asynchronously in a forked process, at most once per 7 days. It then saves a version file to the cache directory that will enable the warning. The upside of this method is that it won't block a user while they're using your CLI—the downside is that it will only display after running a command that fetches the new version.


Add the plugin to your project with yarn add @oclif/plugin-warn-if-update-available, then add it to the package.json of the oclif CLI:

  "name": "mycli",
  "version": "0.0.0",
  // ...
  "oclif": {
    "plugins": ["@oclif/plugin-help", "@oclif/plugin-warn-if-update-available"]


In package.json, set oclif['warn-if-update-available'] to an object with any of the following configuration properties:

  • timeoutInDays - Duration between update checks. Defaults to 60.
  • message - Customize update message.
  • registry - URL of registry. Defaults to the public npm registry:
  • authorization - Authorization header value for registries that require auth.

Example configuration

  "oclif": {
    "plugins": [
    "warn-if-update-available": {
      "timeoutInDays": 7,
      "message": "<%= %> update available from <%= chalk.greenBright(config.version) %> to <%= chalk.greenBright(latest) %>.",
      "registry": "",
      "authorization": "Basic <SOME READ ONLY AUTH TOKEN>"