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Build instructions:


Windows builds made by us are available here:

Download and install:

Open nheqminer.sln under nheqminer/nheqminer.sln and build.


Work in progress. Check Linux branch

Run instructions:

If run without parameters, miner will start mining with 75% of available virtual cores on NiceHash. Use parameter -h to learn about available parameters:

    -h              Print this help and quit
    -l [location]   Location (Stratum server:port)
    -u [username]   Username (bitcoinaddress)
    -p [password]   Password (default: x)
    -t [num_thrds]  Number of threads (default: number of sys cores)
    -d [level]      Debug print level (0 = print all, 5 = fatal only, default: 2)
    -b [hashes]     Run in benchmark mode (default: 100 hashes)
    -a [port]       Local API port (default: 0 = do not bind)

Example to run benchmark:

    nheqminer_x64_AVX.exe -b

Example to run with full logging (including network dump):

    nheqminer_x64_AVX.exe -d 0

Example to mine with your own BTC address and worker1 on USA server:

    nheqminer_x64_AVX.exe -l usa -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS_HERE.worker1

Example to mine with your own BTC address and worker1 on EU server, using 6 threads:

    nheqminer_x64_AVX.exe -l eu -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS_HERE.worker1 -t 6

Note: if you have a 4-core CPU with hyper threading enabled (total 8 threads) it is best to run with only 6 threads (experimental benchmarks shows that best results are achieved with 75% threads utilized)