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Version 0.1
By Paul Livingstone

AutoToc is a JavaScript tool that can create linked table of contents based on headings tags (e.g. <h1>) on a web page.



  • Can be scoped to any area of the page (defaults to entire body)
  • Supports nested ordered and unordered lists, as well as a straight listing of links
  • Auto-creates anchors for each heading (if they don't already exist)
  • Supports multiple instances on one page


Include AutoToc:

<script src="AutoToc.js"></script>

Add a container element to contain the table of contents:

<ol id="toc"><ol>

Generate a table of contents within the container element:


The container element determines the type of list that is displayed. A ol container will produce a nested ordered list. A ul container will produce a nested bulleted list. Any other container (e.g. div) will produce a straight list of links with no nesting.


AutoToc takes three parameters:

  1. Container element (string)
  2. Scope (string)
  3. Options (object)
AutoToc(containerElement, scope, options);

Container element (required)

The id of the html element that you want the table of contents attached to.

Scope (optional, default: document.body)

By default AutoToc will generate a table of contents for all headings within the body element of the web page. You can optionally restrict the scope by providing the Id attribute of a different html element within the web page.

Options (optional)

Options allow you to change the configuration of the table of contents.

AutoToc("toc", "contents", { showTopLinks: true, startLevel: 2 });

These can be set ahead of time by changing the defaultOptions object:

AutoToc.defaultOptions.optionName = "optionValue";

The following options are available:

  • startLevel (default: 1): Sets the lowest heading level tag that should be included in the table.
  • depth (default: 3): Sets how deep the list should nest.
  • showTopLinks (default: false): Sets if the top links should be shown.
  • topLinkToParentToc (default: false): Sets if the top links should link to the top of the document body or the table of contents itself.
  • topLinkClass (default: "autoTocTopLink"): Sets the class of top links for styling.
  • topBodyId (default: "top") AutoToc will add this Id to the document body if showTopLinks = true and and an id doesn't already exist.


Some of this code is based on Doug Neiner's excellent TableOfContents jQuery plugin. I wanted to make something similar, but without requiring jQuery or other dependencies.


AutoToc is a JavaScript tool that automatically creates a linked table of contents based on the heading tags within a web page.







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