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Set of loading directives to use with AngularJS
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Loading actions with AngularJS

Those are simple AngularJS directives to show your hamsters spinning wheels while users are waiting for something from your backend.

Loading content


This is to add a spinner in a container that will be later populated (i.e. an ng-repeat of items fetched from the backend). 1. It adds a loading DOM element in the container. 2. If the promise is resolved, it removes the loading DOM element. Else, the _error template is rendered.


It can be used with $resource promises or $q promises. If the variable does not respond to $then ($resource) or then ($q), the loading phase is assumed done.

Say, you're loading some comments from the following service:

    .factory "Comments", ($resource) ->
        $resource "/api/comments/:id"), {id:"@id"}

And you fetch them in a controller:

    .controller 'CommentsCtrl', ($scope, Comments) ->
        $scope.comments = Comments.query()

Then, simply bind the loading directive to $scope.comments from a DOM element containing the ng-repeat directive:

<div ng-controller="CommentsCtrl" loading="comments">
    <div ng-repeat="comment in comments">
        <!-- comment template -->

In case of failure, the _error template is rendered. So you may add it to your page layout to make sure it is available if needed:

<script id="_error" type="text/ng-template">
    <!-- error template -->

Loading button


This is to flip any DOM element to a loading state and flip it back (i.e. a 'Post comment' button).

  1. It replaces the DOM element content – read 'button' or something – with a spinner gif (and an optional text).
  2. If the promise is resolved (or the variable set to false), the initial button content is set back. Else, the content is temporaryly replaced by "retry?".


It can be used with $resource promises, $q promises or true/false variable:

# $resource promise
$scope.comment_loading =

# $q promise
$scope.comment_deferred = $q.defer()
$scope.comment_loading = $scope.comment_deferred.promise 

# true/false variable
$scope.comment_loading = true # later set to false in any callback

The loadingButton directive is called in the HTML with its loading variable" attribute. An optional loading text can be passed with the loadingText attribute.

<button ng-click="addComment(newComment)" loading-button="comment_loading" loading-text="loading...">
    Post comment


Feel free to send pull requests against a "-wip" branch. The path to "teach HTML new tricks" is still long to make it seamless.

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