Adds multiple assets folders support to brunch.
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Adds multiple assets folders / multiple destination support to brunch.

Warning: This plugin is probably deprecated, if anyone wants to take over, send me a mail or open an issue

###Install the plugin :

npm install --save assetsmanager-brunch

###Add assetsmanager to brunch config : Add all assets files you want to copy. This example copy:

  • app/myFolder/includeand app/css/img to myFolder public directory
  • all files in app/assets/ to myAssets public directory
assetsmanager: {
    copyTo: {
        'myFolder' : ['app/myFolder/include', 'app/css/img'],
        'myAssets': ['app/assets/*']
    minTimeSpanSeconds: 10 // assets won't be copied more frequent than once per X seconds.