Fix font rendering on Arch #28

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oconnor663 commented Apr 18, 2013

Fonts seem nice an pretty on Ubuntu, but jagged on Arch (with Ubuntu-patched packages). Fix that.


oconnor663 commented Apr 22, 2013

Here's what I'm seeing on Arch:
vs on Ubuntu:


oconnor663 commented May 17, 2013

Ok, the source of my problem is that Gnome 3 tends to override some system font settings with its own configs. In this case, Gnome was using hinting=full, which was giving the awful jagged fonts. Setting hinting=slight and antialiasing=rgba in the gnome-tweak-tool and then restarting fbmessenger seems to fix all my issues:

Jury's still out on exactly how I should be configuring my system, but at least this isn't an fbmessenger problem :p

@oconnor663 oconnor663 closed this May 17, 2013

I tried out gnome and went back to kde, but the fonts stays the same in kde, how do I revert that?
I tried installing, gnome tweak to and do what you described, but it didn't help.


oconnor663 commented May 24, 2013

I haven't used KDE in a while, but any chance this helps?

The fonts looks great in KDE, and have the same settings as on the page, it's only fbmessenger's fonts to looks horrible.


oconnor663 commented Jun 10, 2013

Sorry for not responding for a while. I'm not a KDE user, so I'd appreciate tips from anyone here who might be. Could you list your distro and version, for reproing?

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