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Webmonkey (aka Greasemonkey+) is a fork of the popular Greasemonkey extension for Firefox.
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Webmonkey is a userscript manager for Firefox.


  * Run Webmonkey:            Firefox version 3.5+
  * Build a XPI:              Unix shell
  * Build the documentation:  Java Runtime Engine
  * Play with the code:       git


You can install the XPI file (see below): simply open it with Firefox.

You can also run Webmonkey from the sources.
  1. Close Firefox.
  2. In your Firefox profile's "extensions" folder, add a text file called
     "", containing the path to the WM sources folder:
        $ cd /path/to/firefox/profile
        $ echo /path/to/webmonkey/src > extensions/

Build a XPI

  $ cd /path/to/webmonkey
  $ ./

Build the documentation

  $ cd /path/to/webmonkey
  $ ./

File structure

Path              Description               Chrome

/doc/             Documentation (auto-generated)
  index.html        HTML root page
/src/             Source files
  components/       XPCOM service
    webmonkey-service.js          ;1
  content/          XUL overlays            chrome://webmonkey/content
    lib/              Libraries
      accelimation.js   Visual effects
      menucommander.js  Menu logic
      utils.js          Misc. utilities
    browser.*         Browser window
    install.*         Userscript install dialog
    manage.*          WM management window
    newscript.*       Userscript creation dialog
    pages-overlay.*   Include/exclude management
  default/          Add-on preferences
  locale/           Language files          chrome://webmonkey/locale
  modules/          JSM core classes        resource://webmonkey
    lib/              Libraries
      convert2RegExp.js URI mask parser
      file.js           File management
      prefs.js          Preferences management
      uriset.js         URI sets management
    script/           Userscript internals
      api.js            Sandbox API
      metadata.js       Meta-data management
      require.js        @require logic
      resource.js       @resource logic
    config.js         WM runtime configuration
    script.js         Userscript interface
  skin/             classic/1.0 skin        chrome://webmonkey/skin
    icon_medium.png   32x32 icon
    icon_small.png    16x16 icons
    manage.css        CSS style sheet
  chrome.manifest   Chrome configuration
  install.rdf       Add-on definition
  LICENCE           FOSS licence
/test/            Test suite (limited!)
  foo.user.js       Test userscript
  foo1.js           @require
  foo1.png          PNG @resource
  foo3.jpg          JPG @resource
  Foo2.js           @require (capital)
  Foo2.png          @resource (capital)
  README            Description
  test.html         Test page
/utils/           Utilities
  jsdoc-toolkit/    Documentation engine
  tld/              TLDs list generation
/         Add-on XPI build script
/         Documentation build script
/README           This file
/update.rdf       Mozilla update file (unsigned)


  * Homepage:
  * Bug tracker:
  * Sources:
  * Userscripts:
  * All things git:

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