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@ocornut ocornut released this 06 Sep 14:06
· 2860 commits to master since this release

v1.65: Passing breeze

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  • This is a minor release, completing the refactor recently done for 1.64. If you are updating from a version BEFORE 1.64 and you have any local modifications of the code, make sure you read the 1.64 release notes carefully.

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed stb_truetype.h to imstb_truetype.h, stb_textedit.h to imstb_textedit.h, and
    stb_rect_pack.h to imstb_rectpack.h. If you were conveniently using the imgui copy of those
    STB headers in your project, you will have to update your include paths. If you are manually copying files to update your copy of imgui, make sure you delete the old stb_.h file in the same directory. (#1718, #2036)
    The reason for this change is to avoid conflicts for projects that may also be importing
    their own copy of the STB libraries. Note that imgui's copy of stb_textedit.h is modified.
  • Renamed io.ConfigCursorBlink to io.ConfigInputTextCursorBlink. (#1427)

Other Changes:

  • This is a minor release following the 1.64 refactor, with a little more shuffling of code.
  • Clarified and improved the source code sectioning in all files (easier to search or browse sections).
  • Nav: Removed the [Beta] tag from various descriptions of the gamepad/keyboard navigation system.
    Although it is not perfect and will keep being improved, it is fairly functional and used by many. (#787)
  • Fixed a build issue with non-Cygwin GCC under Windows.
  • Demo: Added a "Configuration" block to make io.ConfigFlags/io.BackendFlags more prominent.
  • Some more internal refactoring, and exposed more of the Drag/Slider stuff in imgui_internal.h.
  • Examples: OpenGL3: Fixed error condition when using the GLAD loader. (#2059, #2002). [@jiri]