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"imgui revolutionised our game development, i cannot imagine making tools without it. from tiny test projects to a large console game, it's utterly dependable and delightful to use. its simple & deep, a rare combination."
-Alex Evans (Media Molecule)

"Dear ImGui is stunning. I don't know how I lasted so long without ever knowing about this. I've removed all my old debugging GUI code and replaced it with this."
-Ron Gilbert (Terrible Toybox)

"Imgui is a small, well written immediate mode GUI that allowed me to build and very quickly iterate on my gpuvis tool features. Its portability also allowed me to easily get it running on Mac, Windows, and Linux. I really enjoy working with Omar and sincerely hope I never have to work with large bloated UI toolkits ever again. Love Imgui!"
-Michael Sartain (Valve Software)

"Dear ImGui packing so much power into such a straightforward interface makes me wonder why every other GUI package is so hard to use. Dear ImGui makes writing clean UI look easy. [...] The least annoying middleware I’ve ever used!"
-Elan Ruskin (Insomniac Games)

"ImGui is the perfect fit for any personal projects, games and R&D apps. I use it as a git module: easy to include and straight to the point, while still allowing me to create customised and advanced UI. A pleasure to use!"
-Sébastien Hillaire (Frostbite / Electronic Arts)

"Dear ImGui is amazing. It's pretty much the only sizable library written by someone else that I've ever enjoyed using."
-Shawn McGrath (RAD Game Tools)

"Dear imgui is the best thing that happened to programming since the invention of the debugger."
-Sherief Farouk (Senior Software Engineer, NVIDIA)

"Dear ImGui is our favorite UI System of choice since a few years. We're proud of being one of the first companies applying it in the Industrial Robotics Field. We use it on all sort of software running 24 hours/day on production lines and even on Robot Programming Teach Pendants. Our customer base loves the ability to remote the UI seamlessly in browser or through a tablet/smartphone, a feature that is easily achievable through some non-official extensions of the main library. It provides most of the functionality of every other UI system we've tried (WPF, HTML5 and Qt), while still keeping complexity down by many orders of magnitude. The source code is easy to understand, to integrate and to update because of its "lightweight with no dependencies" approach that has been enforced by its creator since the very first releases. Seriously, there's no reason not to start using it today for your next big project!"
-Stefano Cristiano (R&D Director, Recognition Robotics)

"The biggest productivity boost I regularly see in a codebase is adding Dear IMGUI."
-Noel Austin (Technical Director, d3tLtd)

"From fast prototyping to professional UI, Dear ImGui is a stellar library. We moved our tools to Dear ImGui three years ago, and never looked back. Omar did an amazing job!"
-Benoit Jacquier (Kylotonn)

"From generic property list to very specific realtime tool UI, dear imgui covers all our needs. Tool UI has never been so easy."
-Damien Quilot (Lead developer, Nadeo)

"Dear ImGui is hands down the best C++ GUI library I've ever used. It's easy to setup and integrate, the API is very intuitive, and the feature-set is broad and flexible. I couldn't imagine building our engine tools without it!"
-Mobeen Fikree (Vertex Pop)

Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

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