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The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) allows for a scalable, automated roaming setup between Charge Point Operators and e-Mobility Service Providers. It supports authorisation, charge point information exchange (incl transaction events), charge detail record exchange and finally, the exchange of smart-charging commands between parties.
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This repository contains the OCPI specification, latest release: OCPI 2.1.1-d2

The branch with the latest fixes to the 2.1.1-d2 documentation is release-2.1.1-bugfixes

The master branch always contains the latest official release.

Development of the next version of OCPI, new functionality, is done in the develop branch: OCPI 2.2 is now Release Candidate 2


Current versions:

Release 2.1.1-d2:

  • Improvements from rel. 2.0
  • Chargepoint commands
  • realtime authorization
  • fixes some bugs of 2.1 (2.1 is now deprecated)

Release 2.0:

  • Charge Point Exchange Static & Dynamic (with tariffing covering only start/kWh/time)
  • Authorization & token data exchange
  • Tariffing
  • Session Info exchange (cdr & ndr)
  • Registration (How to connect) & Security

Planned releases:

Release 2.2:

  • Smart Charging
  • Tariffing (advanced/dynamic)

1 Dec 2014 Draft v4 is published 17 June 2015 [Draft v5] is moved to a new branch that will be used as a reference as the OCPI specifications are being redefined and the specifications are restructured in different files, a file per chapter

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