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Explain emptying the block cache also empties some other caches

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chrisgraham committed Jun 9, 2019
1 parent 4a1fd6b commit 1001d870ba9095aec8441f415590f01ea43822e5
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@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ CONFIG_OPTION_is_on_comcode_page_cache=Enable Comcode page caching. It is highly
COMCODE_PAGE_CACHE=Comcode page cache
CONFIG_OPTION_is_on_template_cache=Enable template caching. If you are editing templates manually (without the aid of the website software) and do not want to manually empty the cache for every change, this option can be turned off (in theory the software can track when you change the file manually, but sometimes dates can get confused between desktop machines and servers).
TEMPLATE_CACHE=Template cache
DESCRIPTION_BLOCK_CACHE=Purge the block caching, and also the persistent caching.
DESCRIPTION_BLOCK_CACHE=Purge the block caching, and also the static cache and persistent caching.
STATS_CACHE=Statistics cache
DESCRIPTION_STATS_CACHE=Certain statistics, such as total downloads and bandwidth usage are calculated on-the-fly, and/or regularly calculated. If these statistics have become inaccurate, you may wish to recalculate them.
MYSQL_OPTIMISE=Optimise/fix database tables

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