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Fix API docs on new cms_unserialize function

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chrisgraham committed May 25, 2019
1 parent 1219e53 commit d870508ebce3b9ae07c1ef34bcace24d61c8f951
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@@ -3486,8 +3486,7 @@ function secure_serialized_data(&$data, $safe_replacement = null)
* Creates a PHP value from a stored representation.
* Wraps the fact that new versions of PHP have better security, but old ones won't let you pass the extra parameter.
* @param string $str Serialized string.
* @param ?array $options Extra options (null: none).
* @param string $data Serialized string.
* @return ~mixed What was originally serialised (false: bad data given, or actually false was serialized).
function cms_unserialize($data)

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