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Rewrite CDI Integration

This enables CDI support in your service implementations, such as configuration providers, listeners, and more.

Get Started

  1. Include OCPSoft Rewrite in your application's POM file:

  2. Use CDI in your configuration providers or listeners:

    package com.example;
    public class ExampleConfigurationProvider extends HttpConfigurationProvider
         @Inject @My
            private RuleDatabase source;
        public int priority()
                return 10;
        public Configuration getConfiguration(final ServletContext context)
                return ConfigurationBuilder.begin()
                    .setCondition(new DatabaseConditionAdapter(source)) 
                    .setOperation(new DatabaseOperationAdapter(source));
  3. Run your application!


This project is looking for your feedback! What would make your task easier? How can we simplify this experience?


  • Implement CDI value injection support
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