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OC Ruby Website


  • Mongoid
  • Haml
  • SCSS
  • JQuery
  • MiniTest
  • Mocha
  • Twitter Bootstrap for style

Setup and Installation

You need to have bundler and rvm installed.

Grab all your dependencies by:

$ bundle install

Install gitflow

I suggest we try the gitflow ( branching model for this repo. Initialize it for your repo with the defaults.


Provided is a watchr script that will act as your 'autotest'. You can run it by:

$ watchr spec.watchr

Some caveats:

It expects you have growl and looks for images, at ~/.watchr_images for passed.png or failed.png.

To run the specs manually:

$ bundle exec padrino rake spec

To see other possible tasks run:

$ bundle exec padrino rake -T

Features / Work Assignments

Add your feature onto the issues for this project. If you want to own a feature, assign yourself the ticket. For general milestones we can discuss it or I can curate them into milestones I see appropriate for each successive release.

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