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Js_of_ocaml version 2.7

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@hhugo hhugo released this 25 Jan 19:31
· 1701 commits to master since this release
  • Features/Changes
    • Syntax: ppx_deriving
    • Compiler: Add custom_header ability to jsoo generate file (Edgar Aroutiounian)
    • Compiler: Bytecode parsing, improved performance
    • Lib: add geolocation API (Stéphane Legrand)
    • Lib: add Mutation observers API (Stéphane Legrand)
    • Lib: add Jstable module (Drup)
    • Lib: add WebWorker API (Grégoire Henry)
    • Lib: Allow to customize 'in_channel' with specific 'refiller' (Grégoire Henry)
    • Lib: Synchronized tyxml 3.6.0
  • BugFixes
    • Compiler: Fix compilation of the [match with exception] construct
    • Compiler: fix compat with the upcoming ocaml 4.03
    • Lib: Tyxml_js, discrepancy between Firefox and Chromium
    • Lib: various small fixes
    • Runtime: Fix Big_int.square_big_int
    • Runtime: graphics, fix draw_image with transparent pixel
    • Ppx: fix for merlin