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polyfill Update vendors polyfills:
Makefile Update vendors polyfills:
bigarray.js Implement caml_ba_uint8_{get,set}{16,32,64}
bigarray.ts Runtime: fix returns
bigstring.js Runtime: bigstring for cstruct
bin_prot.js Runtime: fix bin_prot
core_kernel.js Runtime: split files
dynlink.js Runtime: missing prim
fs.js Runtime: Unix.stat
gc.js MISC
graphics.js Update graphics.js
ieee_754.js RUNTIME: fix semicolon
int64.js Runtime: Do not use Array.slice, Array.concat ...
internalMod.js Runtime: exception refactoring
io.js Allow to customize 'in_channel' with specific 'refiller'
jslib.js Compiler: fix #274
jslib_js_of_ocaml.js Runtime: fix optimization of JavaScript method calls
lexing.js Explicit array size
marshal.js less array allocation
md5.js Runtime: fixed some out of bound string access and do not modify stri…
mlString.js Runtime: do not reset the MlString prototype (fixes #323)
nat.js initial nat.js
parsing.js Runtime: inline some constant
predefined_exceptions.js Runtime: exception refactoring
stdlib.js Runtime: raise constant (close #325)
strftime.js Runtime: cleanup strftime
toplevel.js Dynlink
unix.js Runtime: add primitives to support the Unix library under Windows (fi…
weak.js Runtime: Do not use Array.slice, Array.concat ...
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