@vbmithr vbmithr released this Jul 3, 2015 · 790 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • API CHANGE: Functions in Lwt_io that were previously using a
    ~buffer_size argument now takes a ~buffer argument.
  • Accept ?buffer argument in Lwt_ssl.{in,out}_channel_of_descr.
  • Use newer Ssl bigarray read/write functionality to avoid
    allocation in Lwt_ssl.
  • Fix non-reentrant function calls (#136)
  • IPv4 multicast support.
  • Add support for if%lwt in ppx extension.
  • Add Lwt.return_some.
  • Disable log syntax extension by default in ppx.
    Give [-log] as ppx argument to enable it.
  • Nanosecond precision for Lwt_unix.stat.
  • Minor fixes + documentation improvements.