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Ocsigen-start: an Eliom application skeleton ready to use to build your own application with users, (pre)registration, notifications, etc.
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Ocsigen Start Travis Status

You can try the online version and download the Android application.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Create your project


Ocsigen Start is a set of higher-level libraries for building client-server web applications with Ocsigen (Js_of_ocaml and Eliom). It provides modules for

  • user management (session management, registration, action — e.g., activation — keys, ...),
  • managing groups of users,
  • displaying tips, and
  • easily sending notifications to the users.

Ocsigen Start comes with an eliom-distillery template for an app with a database, user management, and session management. This template is intended to serve as a basis for quickly building the Minimum Viable Product for web applications with users. The goal is to enable the programmer to concentrate on the core of the app, and not on user management.

If Ocsigen Start corresponds to your needs, it will probably help you a lot. If not, start with a simpler template. You can still use the modules from Ocsigen Start.


We recommend using OPAM to install Ocsigen Start. Here is the command:

opam install ocsigen-start

Create your project

eliom-distillery -name myproject -template os.pgocaml

To get started, take a look at the generated

You have also the complete manual and API available on the Ocsigen website

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