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Ocsigen Web site

The Web site content lives in a Git repository, and gets served by means of the GitHub Pages infrastructure.


Pages are generated by html_of_wiki, from the wiki documentation in each project. Any change in html files here will be overwritten. The wikis are in the manual directory.

  • make local --- generates the website with links supporting local navigation. (For testing only!)
  • make website --- generates the files to upload on GitHub Pages.
  • make commit --- make website + git add the files + git commit -v (opens your $EDITOR for editing commit message).
  • make deploy --- make commit + git push origin master.
  • make open --- opens index.html in your default web browser.

The content of the main website is not refreshed automatically (unlike individual projects). On each modification/addition of a .wiki file, you have to make deploy.


This repository also contains the Ocsigen blog. We welcome contributions! Fork the repository, add a Markdown-formatted article under _posts/, and initiate a pull request.

To previsualize locally, you can use:

jekyll serve