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TyXML is a library for building statically correct HTML5 and SVG documents:

open Tyxml
let to_ocaml = Html.(a ~a:[a_href "ocaml.org"] [pcdata "OCaml!"])

Tyxml can also be used with the standard HTML syntax, using the PPX:

open Tyxml
let%html to_ocaml = "<a href='ocaml.org'>OCaml!</a>"

TyXML provides a set of combinators. These combinators use the OCaml type system to ensure the validity of the generated document. They are used in various libraries, such as Eliom and Js_of_ocaml.

The documentation can be consulted on the TyXML website. Examples are available in the examples directory.


TyXML is available in OPAM:

opam install tyxml

To install the PPX:

opam install tyxml-ppx