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Version 4.0.0


  • A new PPX has been added that allows to use tyxml with the HTML/SVG syntax, using the markup library (contribution by Anton 'aantron' Bachin).
  • New Format-based printers are available, both as functors and has pp functions in the various implementations. Old printers are deprecated.
  • Toplevel printers are now available for the tyxml library.
  • The str library has been replaced by re.
  • Various attributes arguments have been simplified. In particular:
    • Constants arguments have been removed
    • ``On|Off arguments are now replaced by booleans.
    • Some arguments now use an option type.
  • XML comments are now properly serialized (without escaping but with sanitization).

Elements and attributes

  • Add srcset and sizes attributes (contribution by Stéphane 'slegrand45' Legrand).
  • The arguments of the sandbox attributes are now more consistent (contributino by Anton 'aantron' Bachin).
  • Various SVG attributes and elements are now properly named (contributino by Anton 'aantron' Bachin).
  • Add inputmode attribute.


  • Both the API documentation and the manual have been completely rewritten! Do not hesitate to read them and provide feedback.
  • Various examples have been added in the example/ directory. (basic_website contributed by Edgar 'fxfactorial' Aroutiounian).

Renaming and deprecations

  • Files in the tyxml library are now packed in a Tyxml module.
    If you were using one of Html5, Svg and Xml module, simply open Tyxml.
  • All Html5 modules are now named Html
  • Various attributes and elements have been renamed. The original versions have been kept and marked deprecated.
  • Various elements that were both deprecated in the HTML specification and not usable due to typing constraints have been removed.