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This plugin allows you to generate valid PHPDoc comments for your PHP code by pressing just one hotkey, automatically resolving most of required tags.

Current version supports:

  • Classes

    • @uses - If the class is extends another class, parent class name will be resolved.
    • @category, @package - Packaging information.
    • @author - author information, such as name and email (resolves from Sublime environment).
    • @link, @license - additional information.
  • Interfaces - same as classes.

  • Class's methods and properties:

    • @var - Property type. array, string and int types currently supported.
    • @param - Method's arguments. Arguments' names and types will be resolved and aligned correctly.
    • @static - static modifier resolving.
    • @access - Access modifer resolving (public, protected, private supported) - defaults to public.
    • @return - Returned value's type and description (Currently hardcoded to mixed type).



  • Place cursor to a line with class, interface, method or property declaration.
  • Press F5