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Treason Coup

A clone of the card game Coup written in Node.js. Play online at

To run it, checkout the source code, install Node.js (version 6 or later), and run:

npm install
node server.js [--debug]

Then open http://localhost:8080 in one or more browser windows. For an explanation of how to play, see web/rules.html.

I use BrowserStack for testing - thanks for the free account guys!


To play against the AI, click the "Add AI" button before starting the game. The AI implementation is in ai-player.js. The onStateChange method responds to the current game state and sends commands to the server to play its turn.

The game state object:

    stateId: 1,         // a token that is passed back to the server when sending a command
    players: [
            name: "",           // The name of the player
            cash: 2,            // The amount of money owned by the player
            influenceCount: 2   // The number of unrevealed influences the player has remaining
            influence: [
                    role: "unknown",    // The player's role, if known
                    revealed: false     // Whether this influence has been revealed
    playerIdx: 0                // The index of your player
    numPlayers: 2               // The number of players in the game
    state: {
        playerIdx: 0,           // The index of the player whose turn it is
        name: "",               // The name of the current game state
        action: "",             // The action which is being attempted in the current turn, or null
        target: 1,              // The index of the player who is targeted by the current action, or null
        blockingRole: "",       // The role being used to block the current action, or null
        exchangeOptions: [],    // When exchanging, the roles you can choose from
        playerToReveal: 1       // When revealng an influence, the player who must reveal

In state waiting-for-players, the game has not yet started.

In state start-of-turn, the player whose turn it is may play an action using the command play-action.

In state action-response, any player may challenge the action (held in the action field) using the challenge command. Actions which can be blocked by another player can be blocked using the block command. Players who do not wish to challenge or block should send the allow command.

After an action has been unsuccessfully challenged, the target of the action may have a final chance to block. This is represented by state final-action-response. The action can be blocked using the block command, or if the targeted player does not wish to block, they should send the allow command.

In state block-response, the player in the target field is attempting to block the action using the role in the blockingRole field. Any player may challenge the block using the challenge command. Players who do not which to challenge should send the allow command.

In state reveal-influence, the player in the playerToReveal field must reveal an influence using the reveal command. This occurs after a coup, a successful assassination, or a challenge.

The exchange state occurs after playing the exchange action; the player whose turn it is must choose which of their cards to exchange. The player chooses their roles from those in the exchangeOptions field, and then sends an exchange command with the roles field containing their choice in the form of an array.

When a player wins, the game returns to waiting-for-players, and the state.winnerIdx field is set to the winner.

Commands sent to the server look like this:

    command: "",        // The name of the command: play-action, block, challenge, allow, reveal, exchange
    action: "",         // For the play-action command, the action to play
    target: 0,          // When playing an action which targets another player, the index of the player to target
    blockingRole: "",   // For the block command, the role to block with
    role: "",           // For the reveal command, the role to reveal
    roles: [""],        // For the exchange command, the role(s) you wish to keep
    stateId: 1          // Must match the stateId from the latest game state


A clone of the card game Coup written in Node.js




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