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A helper module to call the scs-print-api
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A Module to help send jobs to the scs-print-api

How to Install this module

From a terminal or CML interface

box install scs-print

How to Configure your module

Your ModuleConfig.cfc. will have by default this initial fake settings. Override them in the ColdBox.cfc settings.

Default ModuleConfig.cfc

settings = {
            apiUrl = ""

And then if you use this app, you’d have something like this in your Coldbox.cfc or whatever… Override default ModuleConfig.cfc with your own settings for where the scs-print-api lives.

settings = {
    'scs-print' = {
        settings = {
            apiUrl = "http://[your domain]/print"

How to Use and implement your module

instanctiate your model, and the use the functions available on your controller or any other place

    property name="scs-print" inject="coldbox:setting:scs-print";

to use it

scs-print-api.scsPrint(printer = [printer], fullPath = [fullPathToFIle]);

Here are additional parameters with their default values (but are not required.)

required string printer,
required string fullPath,
numeric copies = 1,
string layout = "portrait",
numeric scale = 100


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