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kube-scan: Octarine k8s cluster risk assessment tool
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Try our free Kubernetes risk assessment tool today. No data leaves your cluster. We do not collect any information. Run it on any cluster at any time. See everything you need to get started below. For more information on Octarine head to


kubectl apply -f
kubectl port-forward --namespace kube-scan svc/kube-scan-ui 8080:80

Then set your browser to http://localhost:8080.

Using a load-balancer service

  • This method assumes you are using a cloud provider that provides load balancers.
kubectl apply -f

Then get the load-balancer address by

kubectl -n kube-scan get service kube-scan-ui -o jsonpath={..ip}


kubectl -n kube-scan get service kube-scan-ui -o jsonpath={..hostname}

depending on the load-balancer type.

Then set your browser to that address.


Risk score

Risk details

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