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webpack hot reload middleware for koa


same with

Webpack Hot Middleware

Webpack hot reloading using only webpack-dev-middleware. This allows you to add hot reloading into an existing server without webpack-dev-server.

Installation & Usage

See example/ for an example of usage.

First, install the npm module.

npm install --save-dev koa-webpack-hot-middleware

Next, enable hot reloading in your webpack config:

  1. Add the following three plugins to the plugins array:

    plugins: [
        new webpack.optimize.OccurenceOrderPlugin(),
        new webpack.HotModuleReplacementPlugin(),
        new webpack.NoErrorsPlugin()

    Occurence ensures consistent build hashes, hot module replacement is somewhat self-explanatory, no errors is used to handle errors more cleanly.

  2. Add 'webpack-hot-middleware/client' into the entry array. This connects to the server to receive notifications when the bundle rebuilds and then updates your client bundle accordingly.

Now add the middleware into your server:

  1. Add webpack-dev-middleware the usual way

    var webpack = require('webpack');
    var webpackConfig = require('./webpack.config');
    var compiler = webpack(webpackConfig);
    app.use(require("webpack-dev-middleware")(compiler, {
        noInfo: true, publicPath: webpackConfig.output.publicPath
  2. Add koa-webpack-hot-middleware attached to the same compiler instance


And you're all set!


Copyright 2015 Glen Mailer.

MIT Licened.