A shell script to build fancy DMGs
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A shell script to build fancy DMGs.

This is a project fork of andreyvit's create-dmg project at https://github.com/andreyvit/create-dmg, modified to support Octave.app's needs. It has diverged from upstream, and we don't expect our changes to make it back upstream, since there has been no activity on the project since 2015.

Status and contribution policy

This project is maintained by the Octave.app group, primarily for our own internal use. Contributions are welcome, but we don't primarily maintain this


Create-dmg is a shell script. Simply download and run on any Mac.

git clone https://github.com/octave-app/create-dmg.git
cd create-dmg
./create-dmg [options]  


create-dmg [options...] [output_name.dmg] [source_folder]

All contents of source_folder will be copied into the disk image.


  • --volname [name]: set volume name (displayed in the Finder sidebar and window title)
  • --volicon [icon.icns]: set volume icon
  • --background [pic.png]: set folder background image (provide png, gif, jpg)
  • --window-pos [x y]: set position the folder window
  • --window-size [width height]: set size of the folder window
  • --text-size [text size]: set window text size (10-16)
  • --icon-size [icon size]: set window icons size (up to 128)
  • --icon [file name] [x y]: set position of the file's icon
  • --hide-extension [file name]: hide the extension of file
  • --custom-icon [file name]/[custom icon]/[sample file] [x y]: set position and custom icon
  • --app-drop-link [x y]: make a drop link to Applications, at location x, y
  • --eula [eula file]: attach a license file to the dmg
  • --no-internet-enable: disable automatic mount&copy
  • --add-file [target name] [path to source file] [x y]: add additional file (option can be used multiple times)
  • --disk-image-size [x]: set the disk image size manually to x MB
  • --version: show tool version number
  • -h, --help: display the help


test -f Application-Installer.dmg && rm Application-Installer.dmg  
create-dmg \  
  --volname "Application Installer" \  
  --volicon "application\_icon.icns" \  
  --background "installer\_background.png" \  
  --window-pos 200 120 \  
  --window-size 800 400 \  
  --icon-size 100 \  
  --icon Application.app 200 190 \  
  --hide-extension Application.app \  
  --app-drop-link 600 185 \  
  Application-Installer.dmg \  

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