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This is a list of actions the maintainer needs to do to test a build of



  • Make sure the existing /Applications/Octave-<version>.app is deleted.


  • Double-click the Octave-<version>.dmg file to open it.
  • Double-click the COPYING file; verify that it opens and is readable.
  • Double-click the DEPENDENCIES file.
    • Verify that it opens and is readable.
    • Check the Octave version string at the top to make sure it makes sense.
  • Drag the Octave icon to the Applications folder link in the DMG to install it.


  • Double-click /Applications/Octave-<version>.app to run it.

  • Run __run_test_suite__ in the command window to run the full suite of unit tests. Check that they all pass.

    • XFAIL: The tar test is failing as of June 2018; we think this is acceptable.
  • Run each of the following plotting commands, and see that their output looks reasonable. (E.g. visible, not half-size within the figure window, and so on.)


TODO: Come up with more tests.