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Authors: Octavian Sima and Elena Holobiuc
This project contains more modules as follow:
- detection : detects a face from an image and uses processing techniques
- recognition : recognizes faces provided by the detection module
- sql_database : stores information about persons
- server : multi-threaded and platform independent, serves clients as the mobile phone application
- Mobile : mobile phone face recognition application
- camera : webcam real-time face recognition module
- person_database: face images database used for training (from Olivetti Research Lab)
- interfaces : interfaces in OOP style for detection and recognition modules
Each subfolder contains its own README file where you can find details about how to use or run the modules.
To develop this project, we have used the OpenCV library version 2.0. It may contain some
incompatibilities with OpenCV 1.0. OpenCV libs and INSTALL_GUIDE can be found in OpenCV_lib folder.
You also need MySql stuff as:
- MySql server
- MySql client
- mysql-devel
- mysql.h
All can be found at .
Before running for the first time the application run from sql_database folder in order to create
the table that will store detected persons.
How to run it:
./ MySqlUser
When executing, the script will ask for the user password.