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Game Package Quality of Life Update

Updated May 24, 2020

a full pass-through of the game package structure, including XML, schema, and file structure

O8BUILD renovations

Updated Dec 13, 2019

Track things that need to be cleaned up with octgn’s game package validation suite.

Includes o8build validator, gameserializer, and xsd schemas.

Please report any useless or lacking error messages with how to replicate. Report any errors in the game package code that slips through o8build but can cause errors when octgn loads the game package.

Enhanced Game Lobby

Updated Nov 7, 2018

Upgrading the game lobby to be able to support more advanced features, such as hosting tournaments, deck validation, matchmaking within the lobby, etc. The core idea is to allow many players to join a game lobby at once (a "game event"), and allow it to spawn multiple game tables with different player configurations.

Python API revision

Updated Apr 22, 2020

Plans for the next python revision. Focus is on naming and functionality improvements to existing API

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