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OCTGN's Game Packages contain most of the required data for players to load up and play their favorite games. However, most games do not include the actual image files for the cards, mainly due to the large nature of image files and the quantity of cards typically included with most games.

The Card Package is a useful package for game developers so they can bundle together the card images for a game and distribute them to their players. Card Packages use the file extension .o8c which is recognized by OCTGN, but are simply constructed as .zip archive files with a renamed extension.

Folder Structure

Card Packages mimic a similar folder and file naming structure as the Game Package. A card package can contain card images from multiple sets, by including those sets within the Sets folder. Note that curly brackets are just used for notation in the below structure and should not be included in the actual file/folder names

└─ {gameGUID}
   └─ Sets
      └─ {SetGUID}                         
          └─ Cards                        
             ├─ {cardGUID}.{alt}.{img}   
             └─ Crops                    
                └─ {cardGUID}.{alt}.{img}


  • All set folders must be named exactly as the GUID of the associated set.
  • {cardGUID} file names for ALL images must match to the GUID of the card (as defined in set.xml) that the image belongs to.
  • {alt} is used in the case of alternate cards, and should match the identifier name for the alternate card you want to link the image to. If the image is linked to the "default" card, or there are no alternates for the card, ignore this section of the filename (i.e. use {cardGUID}.{img}).
  • {img} file extensions represent any supported image file type (.jpg, .png, .bmp)


Card Packages must be compiled using standard .ZIP compression. Rename the extension to o8c after compiling the folder. Note that the ONLY item in the root of the archive should be the game's GUID folder.

OCTGN will not accept the card packages during install if the contents of the package were modified after the initial ZIP compression was performed. If you must make changes to the file, you need to create a new ZIP archive.

#Installing card packs

In the Games Manager page, there will be a button for installing card packages. Click it, navigate to the location of your card package, load it, then wait for the package to install. Depending on the size and quantity of the packages selected, it could take many minutes to install.

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