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  • General:
  • Fixed inconsistant closing issue
  • Fixed exit error and lobby process close error
  • New Database backend
  • Refactored code to clean up, catch and report more errors
  • Lobby UI:
  • Only "green" (available to join) games are listed in the game list.
  • Filter games list by game type.
  • Logon/Logoff items in Lobby Chat are now a different color.
  • Option to disable showing Logon/Logoff Messages in Lobby Chat.
  • Deck Builder:
  • Fix for FilterControl
  • Fixed: Double clicking anywhere on card grid adds the selected card to the deck.
  • Play Window:
  • Game defs can now show a rules.txt to show game rules
  • Fixed visibility problem when loading 2 sections into same group
  • Python:
  • Fixed: isActivePlayer fails when no player is active.
  • Dev Console now has a command history.
  • Card.proprties can now be seen in python when player is peeking at card
  • Python errors are now caught and shown in chat log.
  • Games are now checked at startup for any xml or python errors.
  • Added Global Variables (see Octgn python api reference):
  • Added functionality to handle alternate versions of cards (see SwitchWithAlternate_API)
    `Note: These changes are NOT reflected in the appropriate wiki pages.
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