Group Definition

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Groups are collections of cards like a player's Hand, Draw Deck or Discard Pile. They can either be separate to every player or shared among them. Every Group can be collapsed into a small icon to give more space to the other groups.

Though a player's hand is defined by a tag instead of a tag it still follows the exact same definition format. It is only given it's own tag because it's presence is always required.

Definition Format

The tag defines the properties of a Group of cards and the actions that can be executed on that group or on cards inside it. The following attributes are available:

  • name (The name of the group.)
  • icon (An image resource for this group. 16x16 Pixels)
  • visibility (The default visibility of cards in this group.)
  • ordered (True if the order of the cards in the group is important, false otherwise. Defaults to true if not defined)
  • width (The width of the group in mm.)
  • height (The height of the group in mm.)

Defining the Group and Card actions is explained in the Action Definition article.

Visibility Degrees

  • none (Nobody can see the list of cards in this group.)
  • me (Only the player who owns this group can see the list of cards in it.)
  • all (Everyone can see the list of cards in this group.)
  • undefined


These are some example groups like a "Blue Moon" game definition might define them.

     <hand name="Hand" visibility="me" ordered="false" width="63" height="88" icon="r07"></hand>
     <group name="Draw Stack" visibility="none" width="63" height="88" icon="r09"></group>