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o8build is a tool included in OCTGN's install that allows game developers to work with OCTGN's file structure. It will validate the game package structure and contents, including XML syntax, and compile a working .nupkg game package of the directory's contents. This is the recommended method for generating game packages.

o8build.exe is located in OCTGN's install directory (typically documents/octgn/OCTGN/o8build.exe). It is a command line application, and as such does nothing when you try opening the EXE. There is an executable GUI version of o8build (o8buildgui.exe) for those who fear the command line.

o8build accepts the following parameters:

  • -d={target-path} -- builds a .o8g and a .nupkg file from the files in the target path
  • -c -d={target-path} -- converts all .o8s files at the target path, generating a folder for all the set xmls (to be included in the game def), and extracting all renamed images to another folder. Currently, this incorrectly places a Markers folder inside the Set Images, rather than placing Markers with the game definitions where they belong.
  • -v -d={target-path} -- verifies the files in the target path as a valid game definition structure, but does not build it.
  • -i -- Builds and copies your game package into the local feed of OCTGN. This command must be executed from within the folder that contains your definition.xml.
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