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Smoke Test

Kelly Elton edited this page Nov 24, 2019 · 5 revisions

This will test the Test version of Octgn

  1. Install latest Live version of Octgn
  2. Switch and update to the Test release
    1. Launch Octgn
    2. Click Options
    3. Click Advanced Options
    4. Check Download test releases. If this is already checked, start the entire test over
    5. Click Save
    6. Exit Octgn
    7. Launch Octgn
    8. Run through the Update
  3. Verify that the title bar contains Test
  4. Verify that the title bar contains the correct version you are testing
  5. Verify that the News section matches the twitter feed
  6. Verify any links on the OCTGN tab go to the expected and up to date page
  7. Start a locally hosted game
  8. Open a second instance of Octgn.
  9. Verify that you can join the game
  10. Have each player load a deck a move a few cards around
  11. Have each player try right click menus
  12. Have each player try hotkeys
  13. Have each player try UI buttons
  14. Have each player try chat
  15. Try shuffling
  16. Exit the game
  17. Verify game shows up in Game History
  18. Verify the game replay works in Game History
  19. If there are any twitch streams, try them and out and make sure they pop the website open to that page
  20. Install and uninstall a game
  21. Launch deck editor
  22. Create a new deck with some cards and save it
  23. Load a deck up and verify it's correct
  24. Search for a card by name
  25. Search for a card with more than one filter
  26. Sort the search results
  27. Close the deck editor
  28. Log in to Octgn
  29. Verify there are games being hosted
  30. Create an online game and move some cards around
  31. Verify your online game shows up on the list
  32. Exit the game
  33. Check your profile tab.
  34. Spectate a game
  35. Verify all menu items
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