o8c modification guide

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This guide will help you replace the images in an o8c file, with your own. This is useful in case you want, for example, to add your own higher quality images than what is already provided by the developer, or if you want to create a card pack for a different language.

How to modify an .o8c file with your own images.

  1. Download the .o8c you want to uncensor (e.g. PlayingCards.o8c)
  2. Change the file name from PlayingCards.o8c to PlayingCards.zip
  3. Extract the zip files and folders to a work folder.
  4. File structure in the work folder will look like this:

  1. Go to the "Cards" directory and replace the existing card images with your own ones. You must rename the new card filenames exactly like the old ones. One way to do this is to set the folder view into thumbnail mode, then open each existing image with an image editor like GIMP and save it over/ovewrite the appropriate card. The thumbnails should make it easy to see which is which.
  2. Once all the cards are replaced, go back to the work folder, right click the first directory (0f38e453-26df-4c04-9d67-6d43de939c77 in the above screenshot) and compress to .zip
  3. (Optional) open your zip file with a archive viewer, like 7zip, and navigate to the "Cards" folder. Make sure you have no hidden files in there, like "thumbs.db" which is often put there automatically by MS Windows. If it is there, delete it from the archive.
  4. Change the file extension to .o8c (e.g.PlayingCards.o8c).
  5. Done! Now you simply need to add it into OCTGN.