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SonarQube Plugin for Objective C

This repository hosts the Objective-C plugin for SonarQube. This plugin enables to analyze and track the quality of iOS (iPhone, iPad) and MacOS developments.

This plugin is not supported by SonarSource. SonarSource offers a commercial SonarSource Objective-C plugin as well. Both plugins do not offer the same functionalities/support.

The development of this plugin has always been done thanks to the community. If you wish to contribute, check the Contributing wiki page.

Find below an example of an iOS SonarQube dashboard:

Example iOS SonarQube dashboard


  • Complexity
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Duplications
  • Issues
  • Size
  • Tests

For more details, see the list of SonarQube metrics implemented or pending.


  • Use 0.3.x releases for SonarQube < 4.3
  • Use 0.4.x releases for SonarQube >= 4.3 (4.x and 5.x)


The latest version is the 0.4.0 and it's available here. The latest SonarQube 3.x release is the 0.3.1, and it's available here.

You can also download the latest build of the plugin from Cloudbees.

In the worst case, the Maven repository with all snapshots and releases is available here:


  • a Mac with Xcode...
  • SonarQube and SonarQube Runner installed (HomeBrew installed and brew install sonar-runner)
  • xctool (HomeBrew installed and brew install xctool). If you are using Xcode 6, make sure to update xctool (brew upgrade xctool) to a version > 0.2.2.
  • OCLint installed. Version 0.8.1 recommended (HomeBrew installed and brew install
  • gcovr installed

###Installation (once for all your Objective-C projects)

  • Install the plugin through the Update Center (of SonarQube) or download it into the $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  • Copy somewhere in your PATH
  • Restart the SonarQube server.

###Configuration (once per project)

  • Copy in your Xcode project root folder (along your .xcodeproj file)
  • Edit the file to match your Xcode iOS/MacOS project

The good news is that you don't have to modify your Xcode project to enable SonarQube!. Ok, there might be one needed modification if you don't have a specific scheme for your test target, but that's all.


  • Run the script in your Xcode project root folder
  • Enjoy or file an issue!

###Update (once per plugin update)

If you still have file in each of your project (not recommended), you will need to update all those files.


  • Cyril Picat
  • Gilles Grousset
  • Denis Bregeon
  • François Helg
  • Romain Felden
  • Mete Balci


  • v0.4.0 (2015/01): support for SonarQube >= 4.3 (4.x & 5.x)
  • v0.3.1 (2013/10): fix release
  • v0.3 (2013/10): added support for OCUnit tests and test coverage
  • v0.2 (2013/10): added OCLint checks as SonarQube violations
  • v0.0.1 (2012/09): v0 with basic metrics such as nb lines of code, nb lines of comment, nb of files, duplications


SonarQube Plugin for Objective C is released under the GNU LGPL 3 license: