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#ifndef PLUGIN_H
#define PLUGIN_H
* collectd - src/plugin.h
* Copyright (C) 2005-2011 Florian octo Forster
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; only version 2 of the License is applicable.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
* Authors:
* Florian octo Forster <octo at>
* Sebastian Harl <sh at>
#include "collectd.h"
#include "configfile.h"
#include "meta_data.h"
#include "utils_time.h"
#define PLUGIN_FLAGS_GLOBAL 0x0001
#define DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN 64
#define DS_TYPE_GAUGE 1
#define DS_TYPE_DERIVE 2
#define DS_TYPE_TO_STRING(t) (t == DS_TYPE_COUNTER) ? "counter" : \
(t == DS_TYPE_GAUGE) ? "gauge" : \
(t == DS_TYPE_DERIVE) ? "derive" : \
(t == DS_TYPE_ABSOLUTE) ? "absolute" : \
#ifndef LOG_ERR
# define LOG_ERR 3
# define LOG_WARNING 4
#ifndef LOG_NOTICE
# define LOG_NOTICE 5
#ifndef LOG_INFO
# define LOG_INFO 6
#ifndef LOG_DEBUG
# define LOG_DEBUG 7
#define NOTIF_MAX_MSG_LEN 256
#define NOTIF_OKAY 4
* Public data types
typedef unsigned long long counter_t;
typedef double gauge_t;
typedef int64_t derive_t;
typedef uint64_t absolute_t;
union value_u
counter_t counter;
gauge_t gauge;
derive_t derive;
absolute_t absolute;
typedef union value_u value_t;
struct value_list_s
value_t *values;
int values_len;
cdtime_t time;
cdtime_t interval;
char host[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char plugin[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char plugin_instance[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char type[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char type_instance[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
meta_data_t *meta;
typedef struct value_list_s value_list_t;
#define VALUE_LIST_INIT { NULL, 0, 0, interval_g, "localhost", "", "", "", "", NULL }
#define VALUE_LIST_STATIC { NULL, 0, 0, 0, "localhost", "", "", "", "", NULL }
struct data_source_s
char name[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
int type;
double min;
double max;
typedef struct data_source_s data_source_t;
struct data_set_s
char type[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
int ds_num;
data_source_t *ds;
typedef struct data_set_s data_set_t;
enum notification_meta_type_e
typedef struct notification_meta_s
char name[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
enum notification_meta_type_e type;
const char *nm_string;
int64_t nm_signed_int;
uint64_t nm_unsigned_int;
double nm_double;
_Bool nm_boolean;
} nm_value;
struct notification_meta_s *next;
} notification_meta_t;
typedef struct notification_s
int severity;
cdtime_t time;
char message[NOTIF_MAX_MSG_LEN];
char host[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char plugin[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char plugin_instance[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char type[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
char type_instance[DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN];
notification_meta_t *meta;
} notification_t;
struct user_data_s
void *data;
void (*free_func) (void *);
typedef struct user_data_s user_data_t;
* Callback types
typedef int (*plugin_init_cb) (void);
typedef int (*plugin_read_cb) (user_data_t *);
typedef int (*plugin_write_cb) (const data_set_t *, const value_list_t *,
user_data_t *);
typedef int (*plugin_flush_cb) (cdtime_t timeout, const char *identifier,
user_data_t *);
/* "missing" callback. Returns less than zero on failure, zero if other
* callbacks should be called, greater than zero if no more callbacks should be
* called. */
typedef int (*plugin_missing_cb) (const value_list_t *, user_data_t *);
typedef void (*plugin_log_cb) (int severity, const char *message,
user_data_t *);
typedef int (*plugin_shutdown_cb) (void);
typedef int (*plugin_notification_cb) (const notification_t *,
user_data_t *);
* plugin_set_dir
* Sets the current `plugindir'
* `dir' Path to the plugin directory
* If `dir' is NULL the compiled in default `PLUGINDIR' is used.
void plugin_set_dir (const char *dir);
* plugin_load
* Searches the current `plugindir' (see `plugin_set_dir') for the plugin
* named $type and loads it. Afterwards the plugin's `module_register'
* function is called, which then calls `plugin_register' to register callback
* functions.
* `name' Name of the plugin to load.
* `flags' Hints on how to handle this plugin.
* Returns zero upon success, a value greater than zero if no plugin was found
* and a value below zero if an error occurs.
* No attempt is made to re-load an already loaded module.
int plugin_load (const char *name, uint32_t flags);
void plugin_init_all (void);
void plugin_read_all (void);
int plugin_read_all_once (void);
void plugin_shutdown_all (void);
* plugin_write
* Calls the write function of the given plugin with the provided data set and
* value list. It differs from `plugin_dispatch_value' in that it does not
* update the cache, does not do threshold checking, call the chain subsystem
* and so on. It looks up the requested plugin and invokes the function, end
* of story.
* plugin Name of the plugin. If NULL, the value is sent to all registered
* write functions.
* ds Pointer to the data_set_t structure. If NULL, the data set is
* looked up according to the `type' member in the `vl' argument.
* vl The actual value to be processed. Must not be NULL.
* Returns zero upon success or non-zero if an error occurred. If `plugin' is
* NULL and more than one plugin is called, an error is only returned if *all*
* plugins fail.
* This is the function used by the `write' built-in target. May be used by
* other target plugins.
int plugin_write (const char *plugin,
const data_set_t *ds, const value_list_t *vl);
int plugin_flush (const char *plugin, cdtime_t timeout, const char *identifier);
* The `plugin_register_*' functions are used to make `config', `init',
* `read', `write' and `shutdown' functions known to the plugin
* infrastructure. Also, the data-formats are made public like this.
int plugin_register_config (const char *name,
int (*callback) (const char *key, const char *val),
const char **keys, int keys_num);
int plugin_register_complex_config (const char *type,
int (*callback) (oconfig_item_t *));
int plugin_register_init (const char *name,
plugin_init_cb callback);
int plugin_register_read (const char *name,
int (*callback) (void));
/* "user_data" will be freed automatically, unless
* "plugin_register_complex_read" returns an error (non-zero). */
int plugin_register_complex_read (const char *group, const char *name,
plugin_read_cb callback,
const struct timespec *interval,
user_data_t *user_data);
int plugin_register_write (const char *name,
plugin_write_cb callback, user_data_t *user_data);
int plugin_register_flush (const char *name,
plugin_flush_cb callback, user_data_t *user_data);
int plugin_register_missing (const char *name,
plugin_missing_cb callback, user_data_t *user_data);
int plugin_register_shutdown (const char *name,
plugin_shutdown_cb callback);
int plugin_register_data_set (const data_set_t *ds);
int plugin_register_log (const char *name,
plugin_log_cb callback, user_data_t *user_data);
int plugin_register_notification (const char *name,
plugin_notification_cb callback, user_data_t *user_data);
int plugin_unregister_config (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_complex_config (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_init (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_read (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_read_group (const char *group);
int plugin_unregister_write (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_flush (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_missing (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_shutdown (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_data_set (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_log (const char *name);
int plugin_unregister_notification (const char *name);
* plugin_dispatch_values
* This function is called by reading processes with the values they've
* aquired. The function fetches the data-set definition (that has been
* registered using `plugin_register_data_set') and calls _all_ registered
* write-functions.
* `vl' Value list of the values that have been read by a `read'
* function.
int plugin_dispatch_values (value_list_t *vl);
int plugin_dispatch_values_secure (const value_list_t *vl);
int plugin_dispatch_missing (const value_list_t *vl);
int plugin_dispatch_notification (const notification_t *notif);
void plugin_log (int level, const char *format, ...)
__attribute__ ((format(printf,2,3)));
/* These functions return the parsed severity or less than zero on failure. */
int parse_log_severity (const char *severity);
int parse_notif_severity (const char *severity);
#define ERROR(...) plugin_log (LOG_ERR, __VA_ARGS__)
#define WARNING(...) plugin_log (LOG_WARNING, __VA_ARGS__)
#define NOTICE(...) plugin_log (LOG_NOTICE, __VA_ARGS__)
#define INFO(...) plugin_log (LOG_INFO, __VA_ARGS__)
# define DEBUG(...) plugin_log (LOG_DEBUG, __VA_ARGS__)
#else /* COLLECT_DEBUG */
# define DEBUG(...) /* noop */
#endif /* ! COLLECT_DEBUG */
const data_set_t *plugin_get_ds (const char *name);
int plugin_notification_meta_add_string (notification_t *n,
const char *name,
const char *value);
int plugin_notification_meta_add_signed_int (notification_t *n,
const char *name,
int64_t value);
int plugin_notification_meta_add_unsigned_int (notification_t *n,
const char *name,
uint64_t value);
int plugin_notification_meta_add_double (notification_t *n,
const char *name,
double value);
int plugin_notification_meta_add_boolean (notification_t *n,
const char *name,
_Bool value);
int plugin_notification_meta_copy (notification_t *dst,
const notification_t *src);
int plugin_notification_meta_free (notification_meta_t *n);
#endif /* PLUGIN_H */
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