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Bump version to 4.10.7; Update ChangeLog.

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+2012-03-23, Version 4.10.7
+ * Build system: Fix the use of a libltdl macro. Thanks to Clemens Lang
+ for fixing this. Adresses some issues with building the iptables
+ plugin under Gentoo.
+ * libcollectdclient: A memory leak in the lcc_getval() function has
+ been fixed. Thanks to Jason Schmidlapp for finding and fixing this
+ issue.
+ * bind plugin: The use of 'QType" types has been fixed.
+ * df plugin: Fixed compiler issue under Mac OS X 10.7.
+ * conntrack plugin: Support zero as legitimate value. Thanks to Louis
+ Opter for his patch.
+ * memcached plugin: Increased the size of a static buffer, which was
+ truncating status messages form memcached. Thanks to Timon for the
+ patch.
+ * network plugin: Forwarding of notifications has been disabled. This
+ was a contition not checked for before, which may retult in an
+ endless loop.
+ * processes plugin: Support for process names with spaces has been
+ added to the Linux implementation. Thanks to Darrell Bishop for his
+ patch.
+ * perl plugin: A race condition in several callbacks, including log and
+ write callbacks, has been fixed. Thanks to "Rrpv" for reporting this
+ bug.
+ * snmp plugin: A bug when casting unsigned integers to gauge values has
+ been fixed: Unsigned integers would be cast to a signed integer and
+ then to a gauge, possibly resulting in a negative value.
+ * tcpconns plugin: Compilation with newer versions of the FreeBSD
+ runtime has been fixed.
2012-02-19, Version 4.10.6
* Build system: Fix problems when building the ipvs and iptables
plugins. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patch. A bashism in the
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#!/usr/bin/env bash
VERSION="`git describe 2> /dev/null | sed -e 's/^collectd-//'`"

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