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statsd-tg – StatsD traffic generator
statsd-tg is a traffic generator for StatsD. It generates dummy traffic that
can be used to stress-test / benchmark StatsD implementations and possibly
perform profiling.
statsd-tg generates a set of dummy counters, timers, gauges and sets. The
number of each type of event can be configured using command line switches.
It then randomly triggers these events using a PRNG which distributes these
events uniformly. This means that if you configure 50 counters, 30 timers,
15 gauges and 5 sets, counters should make up aproximately half of the
generated traffic, timers 30%, gauges 15% and sets 5%.
Licensing terms
statsd-tg is licensed under the “GNU General Public License” (GPL),
version 2. The exact licensing terms can be found in the file
“COPYING” included in the source distribution of statsd-tg.
Florian “octo” Forster <ff at>