Demo Theme

OctoberCMS demo theme that demonstrates the basic core functionality and utilizes the accompanying demo plugin. It is a great theme to copy when building a site from scratch.

The theme acts as a reference implementation for default component markup when distributing plugins.

Have fun!

Clean up instructions

If you clone this theme to use as a starting point. You may follow these instructions to clean up:

  1. Delete the pages/ajax.htm and pages/plugins.htm files.
  2. Delete the partials/calcresult.htm partial file.
  3. Delete the partials/explain/ directory and contents.
  4. Delete the content/placeholder/ directory and contents.

Combining CSS and JavaScript

This theme doesn't combine assets for performance reasons. To combine the stylesheets, replace the following lines in the default layout.

Uncombined stylesheets:

<link href="{{ 'assets/css/vendor.css'|theme }}" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="{{ 'assets/css/theme.css'|theme }}" rel="stylesheet">

Combined stylesheets:

<link href="{{ [
]|theme }}" rel="stylesheet">

Note: October also includes an SCSS compiler, if you prefer.

Uncombined JavaScript:

<script src="{{ 'assets/vendor/jquery.js'|theme }}"></script>
<script src="{{ 'assets/vendor/bootstrap.js'|theme }}"></script>
<script src="{{ 'assets/javascript/app.js'|theme }}"></script>
{% framework extras %}

Combined JavaScript:

<script src="{{ [
]|theme }}"></script>

Important: Make sure you keep the {% styles %} and {% scripts %} placeholder tags as these are used by plugins for injecting assets.