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All predictions published by no gradient.
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This repository ensures predictions published by no gradient are stored as part of the GitHub Archive Program and also provides a history of provenance proofs using the Bitcoin blockchain.

File SHA256 Hash Proof of Existence Bitcoin Transaction
no-gradient-predictions.txt 089e6c5b0eec34984e4f48f9890fb198f5bf6719c526a22e2d685867ab18800b 089e6... 1b711fecad99896de3f6ecfa6bad51fb81f8e8f74da5e1567bcfa6c61720425e

How to Verify Provenance

  1. Download the predictions text file.
  2. Calculate the SHA256 hash of the file. This can easily be done by uploading the file here or
  3. Upload the file to Proof of Existence and verify it has successfully been notarized.
  4. View the Bitcoin transaction on Verify the hash of the file is embedded in the OP_RETURN value.
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